Improve the Living Conditions of LGBT with Joint Efforts of Families and Friends

About us.

Trueself (also as known PFALG China)was established on June 28, 2008. By far,it has over 79 volunteer groups in mainland China and an outreach task force spreading across 150 cities. the country’s largest non-profit organization serving people in the LGBT community and their families.

Trueself is dedicated to encouraging the LGBT community to embrace their identities, promoting communication and understanding between LGBT individuals and their families and friends, advocating for equality among different sexual orientations, and increasing the visibility and well-being of the LGBT community through various activities such as dialogues, sharing sessions, helplines, training programs, and lectures.


Based on relevant studies, it is estimated that 5% of the population identifies as sexual minorities. Using this estimation, it can be inferred that there are nearly 70 million sexual minority families in mainland China.

Improving parent-child relationships and achieving family acceptance are major pain points for this group due to factors such as face-saving culture and pressures related to carrying on the family lineage.

Founder's Story:

In 2006, when Ah Qiang's mother passed away due to illness, he realized that he had missed the opportunity to share his true life with the most important person in his life, which became a regret in his life. The fear of revealing his true self to his parents is an internal pain point shared by many friends.

In June 2008, Ah Qiang co-founded the grassroots NGO "PFLAG China" with Wu Youjian, the first openly identified mother in China. They aimed to provide strong support for families facing prejudice and discrimination, helping LGBTQ community live their authentic selves and achieve a life of equality and dignity.

In August 2011, PFLAG China established its office and formed a dedicated team.

By 2018, on the organization's 10th anniversary, they were providing community services in over 70 cities.

Media Coverage:

In recent years, Trueself has been covered by hundreds of media at home and abroad, including People’s Daily Online (, Xinhua News Agency, China Youth Daily,, Phoenix TV, Tencent, Sohu, Sina, NetEase News, Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou Daily, Jingbao Daily, China National Radio, Guangzhou Television, Jiangxi Television, Wuhan Television, CNN, BBC, Helan Online (RNW), South China Morning Post and Global Times. These media have presented LGBT people and their families and friends to the public in an authentic and objective manner.

National Conferences

Since 2009, we have held 12 National Conferences for Volunteers, with more than 8,000 attendees in total, including LGBT people, their families and friends.

Regional Conference

Since 2012, we have held 50 Regional Conferences for Volunteers in 37 cities, with more than 15,000 attendees in total, including LGBT people and their families and friends.

Sharing Sessions

We have held more than 2000 Sharing Sessions in 120 third-tier and fourth-tier cities, with more than 100,000 attendees in total, including LGBT people and their families and friends. Trueself has extended its reach to new cities in the middle, northwestern, and southwestern provinces.

Leadership Camps of LGBT Supporters

Since 2013, we have held 9 Leadership Camps attended by 100 motivated LGBT supporters altogether, where they underwent trainings on community service to better serve local LGBT communities.


Since 2014, we have held 183 Workshops in 59 cities, attended by 370, families and friends of LGBT people and 3400 LGBT volunteers altogether. They underwent trainings including collaboration, games, acting and multilateral dialogues. After training, they set out to carry out online and offline work of Trueself.

“Getting to Know LGBT” Sharing Sessions

In July 2015, 20 LGBT attended a 3-day training session on public speech. They have been selected to give 100 speeches on “Getting to Know LGBT” in schools, companies and other public places so as to disseminate facts about LGBT and eradicate bias and discrimination.

Bring LGBT Facts into Campus

Trueself has made connections with more than 30 higher education institutions in China and presented over 50 lectures on LGBT issues.

Get Help from Trueself

Trueself National Helpline: 4000-820-211

The helpline opened in February 2012, with 15 parents, 13 therapists and 1 psychological consultation organization providing counseling. During its 9-year service, we have received more than 5,000 calls, of which 16% were from parents.

Service hours of families and friends: 20:30 - 22:30 Monday through Saturday

Psychological counseling: 14:00 - 16:00 every Sunday

Contact Trueself:


Address: Room 206,Jinghuang Duhui B3, Jiahe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Guangdong Guangdong, P.R. China

Tel: 18102586464 (09:30 - 18:00, Tuesday through Saturday)

Weibo: @出色伙伴Trueself


Official WeChat Account: trueself2008

Mjor  Events:

June 28, 2008: Wu Youjian and Hu Zhijun co-founded PFLAG China.

January 4-5, 2009: The first PFLAG national  Conference was held in Guangzhou.

August 2011: PFLAG China office was established at Huixiangge, Xianglong Garden, TianheBei, Guangzhou.

September 17, 2011: The first strategic meeting of the Advisory Team was held by PFLAG China

January 1, 2012: Wu Youjian left PFLAG China  and established Wu Youjian Studio.

December 2012: PFLAG China expanded its work to six cities within China.

March 2013: The first Leadership Camps of LGBT Supporters was launched in Guangzhou.

April 20, 2013: PFLAG China' coverage was aired on Phoenix TV's "Public Welfare China" program.

November 2013: Ah Qiang was selected as one of  "Gingko Fellows."

June 2014:PFLAG China Participation in the Xi'an Sex Expo.


The short film "Coming Home" was released.

From July 17-19, the "Talks for LGBT Youth" training program took place in Guangzhou.

The "Getting to know LGBT" donation project was launched.

The first GALA fundraising event was held at the Dinglong Hotel.

The 8th PFLAG national  Conference was held at the Meiyuan Hotel.

The documentary "Out in Chongqing" was released.

The first Parents and volunteers' Annual Meeting was held at the Cotton Tree Hotel in Guangzhou.


The 9th PFLAG national  Conference was held in Shanghai, with participation from National People's Congress representative Sun Xiaomei and actress Lan Yingying.

The first Rainbow Fellow Program was held in Guangzhou.

The 99 Fundraising campaign achieved a breakthrough.

PFLAG China expanded its work to over 40  cities.


The leader of PFLAG China was invited as an visiting fellow in Harvard Kennedy School

The first Women (LBT) Youth Volunteer Action Camp took place from May 19-21.

The first cruise event (The 10th PFLAG national  Conference) departed from Shanghai to Sasebo, Japan.


In February, the PFLAG Chinas' story was featured on Tencent Video's program "Talking to Strangers."

The 10th Anniversary Special National  Conference was held in Shanghai in June.

In November, the number of registered volunteers exceeded 5,000.

Global Times reported on the 10th Anniversary National Conference of PFLAG China.


In June, the second cruise event departed from Shenzhen and traveled to Vietnam.

In August, a profile interview titled "Mothers Outside the Closet" was published in the magazine "People," with over 300,000 reads.

The monthly donation project was officially launched.


In August, the "100 Moms' Video Stories" initiative was launched, featuring videos of 100 mothers sharing their stories.

The first Monthly Donation Workshop was organized.

In December, the Family and Friends Sharing Session project of PFLAG China was selected for the "China Charity Project" platform.

The documentary film "Rainbow Cruise" was completed.

March,2021,PFLAG China changes its name to Trueself